On-line Auction


  • The auction takes place on a pre-announced day and time on the unique Real Estate Auctions page
  • The starting price of the property is given
  • There is a minimum bid by which the purchase price can be minimally increased. Maximum bid is not set
  • The auction takes place in a standard web browser, no special application is needed
  • The bidder logs into the auction by his e-mail, which is not published, serves only for the purpose of administering the auction results
  • The interested party does not sign any contracts or agreements in advance, pays any reservation in advance
  • The bidder may send his bids repeatedly until the end of the auction
  • If the bid arrives within the last 5 minutes, the auction will be automatically extended by 5 minutes (this prevents speculation such as "I will send it at the last minute so that no one else will be able to bid)
  • The person with the highest bid is immediately contacted to sign the reservation contract.
  • The reservation contract must be concluded within 5 working days after the end of
    the auctionin the event that the contract is not signed, the next interested party is approached!